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how old is your child? My daughter is 5 and I believe she has autism

mound of shells

I rarely cry about my son’s autism these days. I do get frustrated, overwhelmed, exhausted, and sometimes sad. But tonight when I went into check in on my little Ollie sleeping, I felt tears streaming down my face. It caught me off guard.

Every night I look at all of my kids when they are sleeping. They are each so dear and precious in their sleeping states. Watching Ollie sleep always fills my heart with an extraordinary mix of feelings and emotions. When he has a tough day, it’s so nice to see him not battling with the world and to see him at such peace. When he’s had a happy day, I can see the smile lines still on his face. He always has a slight smile on his sleeping face. He is just beautiful.

My husband and I spent the weekend involved in the first Autism Hackathon for…

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I would like to know is there anyone out there that has a child that is over 4years old that does not talk?